Hi there, my name is Jay Laine, founder of Socialmediaguru.fi and I want to warmly welcome you to our website. I hope you take a moment to scroll around and see if there’s something here that might interest you. If you’re wondering who I am or how I can help your online marketing then you are in the right place.

I started my entrepreneurial career over 20 years ago at an entry level sales position and after that I worked with pretty much every kind of business you can imagine. This experience had the ups and downs you would expect with great successes and of course of few failures which all provided valuable lessons. The common ground in my experience is that online/offline marketing projects have been a major part of all the projects I have worked on. Having started these projects from the ground up I know what it takes to make things pop and create engagement and buzz. I started playing with Facebook & Social Media around 2005 while I was in Silicon Valley, California. I began general online marketing around 2000 with my first website with a shopping cart, and since then online marketing and later Social Media has intrigued me, with its ever-changing and evolutionary nature. My biggest passion as a online marketing consultant is to experience the success with my everyday clients, and seeing how their life changes for the better via their growing business numbers.

I have expertise in customer acquisition, search engine marketing and optimization, email marketing, e-commerce optimization, Facebook viral marketing and custom Facebook applications. How I can I help you?

Well, here are some of the skills I’ve been perfecting in the past 10+ years; optimizing your marketing campaigns (organic or paid), advanced Facebook applications/marketing/re-marketing strategies, Advanced SEO strategies, lead generating strategies and more…

That being said, I like to focus on traffic sources and strategies that drive the best bang for your business buck, and as such I have been focusing on Facebook Ads, Facebook & Online re-targeting, Facebook App giveaways and a few other lesser known tricks that I have learned throughout my years of experience.

Having worked with anything from almost $0 marketing budgets with start ups, up to 8 figure businesses, I am an ROI and data driven marketer who also understands the value of brand building with the process. My passion today is to help micro & small businesses find their voice in their market place with smart and tactical marketing strategies.

Interested in hearing how I can help your small business succeed online? Check out my consultations page here or apply directly for a consultation here.


Jay Laine

Social Media Guru